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Pzero corsa system

PZero Corsa System

Perfect tyre for powerful supercars and racing enthusiasts
-Racing rubber compound
-Derived from the experience of Pirelli in the racing world
-Extreme grip for top level traction and precise handling.
-Advanced material package for weight, rigidity and safety:
The PZero Corsa System concept :
- PZero Corsa Asimmetrico all round, or
- PZero Corsa Direzionale front, PZero Corsa Asimmetrico rear



Sport oriented tyre for the latest generation of high- performance saloons and estate cars
Asymmetric tread pattern design
Exceptional handling both in dry and wet conditions
O.E. Homologation.

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P Zero

P Zero

Latest addition to Pirelli's UHP family
-Attractive new asymmetric tread design with superior handling and braking characteristics
-New high-grip compound
-High aquaplaning resistance
-Improved structural stiffness for high performance driving and integrity



Comfort oriented tyre for the latest generation of saloons, estate cars and mpvs
Symmetrical tread pattern design
Extra low rolling resistance (elrr): flexibility, smoothness and fuel saving
Low sound emission for quiet and relaxed driving
Mileage and longevity
O.E. homologation.

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Pzero Nero

PZero Nero

Ideal choice for tuners and racing enthusiasts for their high performance cars
-Precise cornering, excellent grip and high resistance to aquaplaning for the utmost driving enjoyment
-Ideal for tyre/wheel conversions and plus-sizing fitment
-Specifically built for ""soft"" and ""hard"" tuning with extra load capabilities
-Asymmetric tread design; exclusive styling

  Pzero dragon

PZero Dragon

- Dragon TM is a value-for-money tyre for wheel/tyre conversions (suitable for "soft" and "hard" tuning)
- Destined to fit a wide range of car categories (from K-cars to high power class)
- Driving precision and road-holding even under severe conditions
- Maximum stability even at high speed
- Asymmetric tread pattern design for balanced behaviour both on wet and dry asphalt sufaces
- Low noise emission during all the tyre life and regular wear

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pzero system

Pzero System

Excellent tyre for premium sports car owners
-Precise high speed directional stability
-Exceptional levels of adhesion
-Reduced risk of aquaplaning
-Outstanding wet grip
The PZero System concept :
- PZero Asimmetrico all round, or
- PZero Direzionale front, PZero Asimmetrico rear



Cinturato P4 the new balanced performance tyre
-Asymmetric tread design for enhanced grip on curve.
-Large tread blocks on the outer portion for increased stability during cornering.
-New pattern designed to reduce noises and enhance comfort.

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Pirelli Total Mobility: the first run-flat solution from Pirelli
-Extended mobility granted at zero bar pressure
-Asymmetric tread pattern design for precise driving
-Large longitudinal grooves for improved drainage of water
-Compact shoulder blocks for enhanced lateral stiffness

  P400 Touring

P400 Touring

A special All- Synthetic tread compound ensures improved ride comfort
Quiet and comfortable ride. The grooves help evacuation of water to improve safe performances.
Limited Treadwear Mileage Warranty (60/65 series = 60,000 miles and 70/75 series = 70,000 miles).
Treadwear 420 Traction A Temperature A (60/65 series)
Treadwear 420 Traction A Temperature B (70/75 series)

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Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico

Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico

Scorpion product dedicated to hi-tech changeover and cosmetic tuning
- Sporting behaviour
- Progressive cornering force
- Excellent dry and wet handling
- Secure braking.

  Scorpion At

Scorpion AT

- Aggressive tread design for maximum traction in mud, snow and gravel
- Robust structure providing high resistance to damage
- American look, raised white outlined letters on the sidewall and protective kerbing rib
- Comprehensive p, lt-metric, euro-metric and flotation size range

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Scorpion Zero

Scorpion Zero

Ultra high performance all-season tyre for the latest generation sport utility vehicles and light trucks .
- Immediate response of the steering
- High speed comfort
- Short braking distances
- Excellent grip also on wet surfaces

  Scorpion ATR

Scorpion ATR

The new all terrain Pirelli Tyre for a no limit use on all kind of surface with an outstanding road comfort
- Versatile as the vehicles that it equips
- Precise like the driving style it promotes
- Tenacious to grip any surface it might meet

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Scorpion STR

Scorpion STR

New All-Season product targeting modern SUVs with more on-road characteristics
- Perfect highway cruiser in any climatic conditions
- At ease in moderate off-road use

  Scorpion MUD

Scorpion MUD

The Pirelli's answer for the toughest off road
- High resistance to impact and tear damage
- Excellent traction in the worst off-road conditions.
- Aggressive look



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The traditional Pirelli tyre for commercial vehicles
- Long life and economy
- Ease of handling, comfort and reliability
- Original equipment approvals with leading vehicle manufacturers


The Pirelli Winter Studless tyre to cope with cold temperatures
- Enhanced traction on soft and packed snow
- Steering precision,
- High level safety